Pond Diver - COLD BREW Blend - 12oz


Pond Diver Cold Brew is strong but smooth with an infectious aroma and has a deep chocolate base with enough sweetness to drink black. With its low acidity and consistent flavor, it is a forgiving blend that lends itself well to this particular brewing method.


At a glance cold brew and iced coffee seem to be synonymous, but in reality, they could not be more different. There are three main differentiating factors between the two:


  • BREW: Cold brew, as apparent from its name, is brewed cold. It is never heated up. It is a process that requires more time and patience than the standard brewing process. Iced coffee, on the other hand, is brewed hot and then cooled down and poured over ice.


  • CAFFEINE: Cold brew has 3 times the amount of caffeine than standard coffee.


  • TASTE: The heating and cooling process involved in making iced coffee weakens the taste, and it often just tastes like watery, cold coffee. The heat also causes higher levels of acidity, as opposed to cold brew which has half the acidity normally found in coffee. Cold brew is slightly sweeter, much smoother, and easier on the stomach.

Pond Diver Cold Brew

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